P3 Health Partners and Innovaccer Forge Strategic Alliance to Enhance Value-Based Care and Patient Experience

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Innovaccer, a key player in healthcare AI, has formed a strategic alliance with P3 Health Partners, a leader in physician-led population health management for Medicare patients.

This partnership represents a significant move toward advancing value-based care initiatives, aiming to enhance patient outcomes, reduce costs, and improve both patient and clinician experiences.

P3 Health Partners is well-known for its innovative healthcare delivery model, supporting physicians, hospital systems, specialists, and practices in transitioning from traditional volume-based care models to value-based systems emphasizing preventive care and cost efficiency.

Their approach focuses on improving care quality while lowering overall healthcare expenditures.

The impact of the partnership: "Our collaboration with Innovaccer accelerates our ability to provide providers with essential tools and data to better serve our patients.

Through Innovaccer's Healthcare AI Platform, aim to streamline administrative tasks, enhance data integration and analytics for our payer partners, improve care quality, and optimize costs throughout the care continuum."

P3 Health Partners selected Innovaccer’s platform for its advanced AI analytics and data management capabilities, enabling the unification and normalization of clinical and claims data from diverse health plans, EHRs, health IT systems, and community sources.

Innovaccer’s InNote, an EHR-agnostic solution, will support P3 in closing coding and care gaps seamlessly at the point of care.

Additionally, P3 will leverage Innovaccer’s population health analytics suite to meet quality and cost targets, alongside Innovaccer’s patient engagement tools for omnichannel patient outreach, enhancing overall patient experience.

P3’s leadership in population health management: "P3 Health Partners is driving transformation in healthcare delivery.

Their patient-centric approach and proactive support empower patients to manage their health effectively.

With Innovaccer’s Healthcare AI Platform, P3 can free providers from administrative burdens, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional care. They are excited about our partnership with P3 to improve patient outcomes and provider satisfaction."






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